Sunrise, Quinta Roo

Sunrise, Quinta Roo

Saturday, May 24, 2014


This is an ‘about me’ because my ‘about me’ in my NOMAD’s application wasn’t the best.

I took off like a race horse talking about my life, family, hobbies and travels. And then before I knew it thousands of words were on the page, which the strict word count wouldn’t allow.
I drafted and drafted until all the actual information about me was out of it, and there was little that explained anything about myself… somehow the meat was removed, and the fluff remained.

I rewrote it a few days back. It was thoughtful, relatively concise. But I didn’t save it, and neither did my computer (who usually saves me - and my work - from heartache), unfortunately all the disk space is taken up with my photos of Mexico.

I am a ‘creative’. I say it like this because it explains a lot. It explains my brain - completely right-sided. It explains my hobbies: acting (good), photography (I wish better), singing (okay), painting (average), dancing (terrible), writing (I’m trying), poetry (improving) and my often-described ‘colourful’ personality.

The other strong driver of my personality is that I’m an oreo middle-child. In the past my shy, quiet brothers were in the background, so I was centre-stage. My issue is that one is starting a singing career, and the other is a well-known young comedian. And I want my spotlight back!
No, what I really mean is; my brothers are pursuing their creative dreams.

My favourite thing is travel. To have the ability to land somewhere and see and learn so much is incredible. The two degrees I’ve studied - in a round about way - come back to that: International Relations / Development Studies / Cultural Anthropology and Hospitality Management. They come back to an interest in development, first world/third world, war, peace, cultures, travel, tourism.

I was always going into journalism. Two weeks before Uni started, I went on an educational trip to Cambodia and my focus completely changed. My eyes were open to other people’s lives, cultures and travel. When I was 20 I went to Mexico for 6 months, solo. The colours, food, customs and artisans are impossible to not fall in love with. Since I left, I’ve been planning my return.

Despues Mexico, I headed for the highlands. I (somewhat accidentally) ended up in Central Scotland. Half way through, I decided it was time to ‘settle down’ and head back to New Zealand. Julia is now a doctor, Frankie is a lawyer and Ashleigh is a teacher. Friends have boyfriends and leases and promotions. After 6 months in New Zealand, I had to go back. I was half way through my UK visa, and realised that for me ‘settling down’ wouldn’t be an option.

I can’t write about Scotland yet - the heartbreak is too raw. I was so lucky to walk the dark, cobbled streets of Edinburgh everyday - I was never bored. There was too much history and beauty and art. I’m living in the Scot’s country now, in Otago. Maybe the bagpipes and cold of down here drew me back.

My Dad is from down here - he was a restauranter. I take after him with business sense, sensitivity and my volume. I take after my English-teacher mother with my writing, stubbornness and social anxiety.

Post-Scotland I headed to Hawai’i. It was a bittersweet place, which studying ethnic studies, politics and women’s studies there highlighted. There I discovered poetry that I understood: slam. Theatre + good writing + highlighting social and private issues = new love.

I left high school wanting to write. I floated around learning a lot and have returned to a strong will to write. Some kind of cross between Christiane Amanpour and Carrie Bradshaw on an aeroplane. Or boat, or bus or elephant. As long as I’m moving and can see out the window, I’m comfortable. My suitcase is always packed. As long as I have enough money for a one-way ticket, I’m secure. As long as my passport is valid, I’m home.

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