Sunrise, Quinta Roo

Sunrise, Quinta Roo

Monday, November 29, 2010

Guanajuato, Guanajuato --> Blog 70

Almost every town and city in Mexico is predictably set out. In the classic grid form of streets means that usually the Cathedral and Zocalo (park... always beside or in front of the church) is easily found.
One exception of this was Cancun town, a newer place, that just runs off a highway. The other exception was Guanajuato.
Guanajuato is classic and European and beautiful. I am not completely sure if it is European actually, but what I presume to be European (athough in reality, they could all be considered European coz they were all designed by the Spaniards).. with windy paths to homes, without room for cars or many people. It isn't with fences, but the walls of the various brightly coloured homes ...
The street has some beautiful yellow and pink churches, cafes, shops, a park and a theatre - Teatro Juarez. When I arrived it was Sunday so there were people everywhere, picnicking and watching artists, buskers and street-chalkers. There is a statue of a man up on the hill, with a gondala up to it... I walked. Boy, was that steep. And long, I didn't go straight up, but around. I got to the top - parched as. Luckily there was a little home-dairy at the top. It was stilted, looking like it was out of a film. Because it was on the hill, overlooking the whole beautiful, colourful city - it must have an amazing view. There was no one in the 'shop', which like so many others was just part of their home. I, with my cold water in hand, walked through to the family room where the lady was changing a babies nappy on the ground.
I was tiptoeing and really awkward, coz I was just standing in her house. In un-parched, NZ situations, I would've bolted. But here, I was thirsty and Mexican.

The view from that Statue is ridiculous.. so beautiful and postcardesque.

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