Sunrise, Quinta Roo

Sunrise, Quinta Roo

Saturday, November 20, 2010



Wish I could have taken photos, there was a range of art tributes to the heroes of Mexico, but all my faves included battle scenes or meeting scenes
with very delicately made and painted figurines. What an art - literally here kids!
I homed it via Metro, the 3rd time at night (I trust people too much), but all was well. Took my usual route back to the hostel through the gay bondage market.
I was on the computer checking my emails, resting my feet, reading about NZ news, Wills and Kate´s engagement (why are we all so fascinated?) and
talking with a porn star.
Oh yes, let me elabourate, but in an abridged form (that still counts right?)
I was talking to the guy at the desk, Christian, who has been the source of some of my misinformation. I don´t know where it came from but here it goes:
¨I hate people in LA... ¨¨¨
Do you live there?
Yeah, but I hate it - girls roll up your sleeve to see if you are wearing an expensive watch before they talk to you¨
So why do you live there?
That´s where you have to be if you´re an actor
Ohh.. you´re an actor?
Well, kinda. I am actually the best porn star in the world at the moment¨
It´s true, Google me.
(laughs, while googling)
How did you get into that?
Oh ya know, just like how you get into any another job¨ (ahh, not really!) I studied Psych and Sociology at college, knew some people---¨
It´s true, Google me.
What makes you the best in the world?
I won 2010 AVN best actor... that is an Porn Oscar.
Ohhh, so just like an Oscar?!
After that I got into mainstream too.. It opened up acting opportunities... I have been in Iron Man 2, CSI Miami, CSI New York ( you can imagine the way he is listing these right?)
I have been in an acting class with Will Smith, J-Lo (and a few other actors I don´t remember now, but recognised at the time). He listed this all very quickly and matter of factly. Just from watching them, I knew how to act. I knew what it takes...
(various questions and skepticism came from this, as a lifelong Fresh Prince fan, I am aware that he is one of the highest paying actors, so I had all these questions as he said it was really cheap as there are so many acting classes and for starts - how is he at the same level ??
Turns out his teacher let him sit in in the class with them, he watched.

At this stage my focus was more on getting info on the royal wedding, so he bust out his comp and pulled up a screen with a few people in the forground and a few thousand solediers in the background (at least, that is what I thought they were.. it was hard to tell)
There I am in Iron Man 2! (pointing at one of the soldiers).. to give him credit.. i suspect most of the others where computer generated.
(laughs again)
Oh well, good on you!
I will try and find the other scene I am in.....I have had some speaking roles too..

(he also told me about winning his award, his reaction, his trip around the world, how his facebook fan page got cancelled. what makes him good at his job and various other topics....I told him I was from NZ.)

Real name: Paul ___
Porn Star Name: Eric Swiss. (I thought it was meant to be your pet and your 1st street....?)
Starred in; Not Married with Children xxx 1 and 2, Not Charlies Angels xxx, Not the Cosbys xxx
Known for: Being the best porn star in the world, 2010

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