Sunrise, Quinta Roo

Sunrise, Quinta Roo

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Puebla, the ¨¨Pueblo¨¨

At least this is what I was told, therefore had imagined in my head (something I think I have mentioned I am trying to stop as it gives me false hope... I have a fun imagination.)

Pueblo in spanish is Town... not city. I have heard a lot of Puebla, my teacher Claudia was a fan, including my Aus pals. But they all called it a Pueblo. It is the Religious capital of Mexico, with 365 churches (apparently).. because the churches celebrate anniversarys, this also makes it a party capital. No, in actual fact - there are a lot of nuns and not a lot of noise.

The thing is, town in my head - Nelson doesn{t even qualify. We are talking Motueka, Collingwood even (or is that acommunity?)... Puebla has over 1.5 million people! We are talking Auckland!

Anyways, it was different to my head (aka all the buildings were double storied, with the churches hidden amongst them), but stunning all the same. Since Mexico city I have struggled to take 2 steps without taking a phot, I even found myself deleting lots of grey D.F ones to make room for the beautiful colours of the buildings (D.F is Mexico City region, as my teacher said ¨Like Washington - D.C.... D.F, Like Washington).
The hostel there was soooo beautiful . It was double storied with a courtyard in the middle. After my Mexi-Hostel tour I have been thinking that that is what I want to do in the future.. one of the many things. In saying that, I have also decided where I want to retire... without having graduated. So I am getting slightly ahead of myself. I do not think far in the future though usually... hell, I booked my flight for Mexico 5 days before.
I told my parents I was going back to School in Aus for 2nd year ..2 years before? Same with my 1st year of Uni... I have just realised this, I may have a problem.

So, apologies for hardly ever talking about Mexico on my Bloga Mexicana.

Back to it, I got on the bus after arriving in Puebla (the station is huge, hint that maybe this place is bigger than I thought?) at about 8pm. Jumped on the bus outside labelled Centro, as always.
I didn{t know where to get off, but saw this backpacker jump off and just followed him.
The Hostel is advertised as Puebla{s first and only, so figured he was heading there too.
He was... and although I forget his name, he was a nice French boy with a Travel Guide. He wasn{t using it, saying he was bad at using maps. So he insisted we ask around for the location.
Once again, the Mexicans were lovely and willing to help... but not too helpful. Many a circles were walked in as each person had different theories.

I took charge with the map, as Maps are kinda my talent, leading us straight for it. He still insisted on asking some Policemen, so we took the way they thought as opposed to what I thought. It was wrong of course, I wanted to do a ´told you so¨ dance, but remembered that this guy was not one of my brothers, but a French stranger I had only just met. I don¨t mind my brothers thinking I´m annoying.

Anyways, the kids from the schools danced and the Phil. orch. performed (I saw them practicing in a museum terrace earlier in the day. I went to another Museum, I don{t know what it was was called house of someone and it was basically an old mansion with treasures in it. I went coz I asked the girl at the desk for the best Museums. I also went to one involved in the Revolution, appropriate because it was the day before - where an important family involved.. I think it was the Hildagos? Lived in during, it still has all the bullet holes on the outside wall.. that was thrilling enough!
A Mariachi band also performed.,... for hours. The Mexicans really love it.. the overweight-moustached man (opera singer ish) with the high Mariachi pants cracks jokes and they eat it up. They do the classics and everyone sings along. I really love the Mariachi bands. They are everywhere at night. I actually came across this random park in Mexico city, slightly north of the tourist route, where it was like a meeting place for them. They were all hanging around, some wihth intruments, some without.. with their uniforms, one colour (high pants with a cool jacket) embellished up the sides and shoulders with another colour - usually gold or silver.

I have been eating a lot of street food as of late, as I am spending $35 pesos, a bit over $3.50 on food. The way to do this with ease, is to eat food from stalls. I have become a whorey traveller - I think I explained earlier that whorey is stank, as in crappy... not prostitutesque.
This is because I packed next to none clothes (still where my trusty stockings eveyday.. usually to be soon... whorey), came with only a bar of soap and deod. No shampoo (my hair has DIED..I unravelled it in Puebla (without a brush.. why remake it everyday? it stayed in a ball onthe top of my head), it was like straw. I have never had good hair care, but next to the huge knot I got when I was ten and had to get cut out, this is a Maria Williams´ hair lowpoint.
I also don{t have face wash, so there goes my clear skin, or moisturiser... had a small tub on sunscreen which lasted me about a day.. anywho, part of this is because my carryon bag is small, part is because I am lazy anyways, part is because I thought the airplane wouldn{t like liquids (some do not, becuase they are intl and domestic.. everyone has to follow intl rules).
I have my toothbriush, although my teeth do not feel clean. They have not the whole time I have been here... worrying?

It was a nice change from Mexico City, this wasmore my kinda place. I did not accomplish much there, butI am at the point where I like doing nothing. Just sitting with the locals.
Long and shortof it, Puebla was beautiful, different to how I had pictured it, thanks to my Mexicanos. In all seriousness though, I love Mexicans.

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